Saturday, November 13, 2010


I intend to make this blog 'all about my sewing'.   I will be posting pictures of things I have made in the past as well as in the future.  

In the recent past I have made many clothing and accessory items for dolls.  We are in the process of retiring from selling on eBay.  Most of these things are what I have made for sale on eBay.  However some will be shown on dolls that I have dressed.  

Crazy quilt style is what I love best.   I have made several things for my home as well as holiday items in this style.   I am presently working on a wall hanging for my youngest great grandaughter, however shoulder surgery in October has interfered with my finishing it at this time.   I will post a picture when it is finished.  I am also working on a victorian style wall hanging for our home.   I am presently sewing beads on it, and that is something I can do right now.   I will also post a picture of the finished item, however it will be awhile.  It is made up of six 6" blocks that will be set together with sashing and then several rows of border around them.  So there is a bit of work to do on it yet.  

I have many plans for things I would like to make!  Time will tell.   But I do look forward to 'stitching' some time in each day.   I hope you will enjoy seeing the eye candy pictures. 


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